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J-Carter comes straight out of New Jersey with a surgical type flow that cuts through the brain and pierces the soul. He believes hip-hop should focus on great lyrical content, tight beats, and mind-blowing hooks. He has been writing lyrics since the age of 13 enhancing his vocabulary along the way to be a better lyricist. His musical influences are motivated by a conglomerate of hip-hop artists that have come on the world scene over the past 30 years. His music is a blend of an old school feel mixed in with the new contemporary feel of hip-hop, but he strives to maintain his own style and voice to separate himself from the playing field. 

Fresh off his classic debut album” Time to Shine”comes his follow up album “I’m Still Here” which comes with a different vibe than his controversial debut album. J-Carter feels this album will be commercial friendly but also does not lose that lyricism and edge that he is known for. For those who want that great music along with uplifting lyrics that purify the soul, “I’m Still Here” presents that medicine you need. As J-Carter states in his latest song off the album, “ I’m back serving that lyrical crack” J-Carter hopes to get the world high off “I’m Still Here” and stamp his mark in the hip-hop game and take it to a higher level.

Maggie Szabo  9 Million Views

Recently, Maggie was chosen by Perez Hilton as his 2012 "Can YOU Sing?" contest winner hailing All About Maggie as the next big superstar of 2013; “Think Wynonna! Think Reba!” said the Hollywood TV and Entertainment personality.

With an online fan–base growing by the thousands monthly and social media stats that top some of Canada’s most established pop artists, All About Maggie is a star on the rise that has built her fan–base on YouTube covering current chart–topping hits and making them her own. Her cover of “Party Rock Anthem” with internet sensation WALK OFF THE EARTH has over 9 million views, and her five original songs have 1.5 million views on VEVO.

Top Seller Halie Loren 

Although Halie Loren had released two previous albums, one all originals as singer/songwriter and one for fundraiser for a music program, this was her first jazz album with her working trio.  She and her pianist/band leader Matt Treder arranged and co-produced it themselves and released in 2008.  It won the independent vocal jazz album of the year, catching the attention of a distributor that had connections in Japan.  Once there, the manager of one of the large music stores contacted JVC and told them they should hear it.  JVC’s jazz A&R manager contacted Halie once he did hear it, and thus began their long term relationship.  The album went on to top charts there for months, and was the top selling vocal jazz album that year on Amazon/Japan.  It is still in the top ranks after 6 years.  

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