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Internet radio advertising is the one thing that reaches more people for your money then any other type of advertising , and in this age of electronic commerce is the best buy for your money. Businessmen include electronic commerce advertising strategies other than the usual marketing strategies since radio ads can now reach so many people.

The money we receive from your ad placement is used for upkeep and server costs so we can offer this free promo service to our musicians. Please Help Support us. Your $10.00 buys advertising on our multimedia sites plus a graphic and link on this site. Our stats on this site have over 1,000,000 hits per year and growing. The cost of $10.00 for a year of advertising is a great great buy. Thanks

Websites and radio internet advertising are just two of the additional marketing strategies there is today. In radio advertising you can choose your audio time for commercials, 15, 30, and 60 seconds for radio ads. A Service rate of radio internet advertisements depends on the “time frames you order “

As a starter it is highly suggested that you start with the $15.00, 10 seconds radio internet ad time.

These prices are listed here if you create your own ad in Mp3 format. If you want us to create your ad for you there will be additional costs listed below.


Starting price includes 15 sec audio (approx. 50 words), voice only. $15.00, voice and Music $18.00 – twice a day every other day for 30 days.


Starting price includes 30 sec audio (approx. 80 words), voice only. $18..00, voice and Music $20.00 – four times a day every other day  for 30 days.


Starting price includes 60 sec audio (approx. 160 words), voice only. $20..00, voice and Music $25.00 – every four hours a day every other day for 30 days.

Radio internet advertisement is the most preferred advertisement strategy of this generation since most people are already tech savvy and spends most of their time surfing the net and listening to on line radio your ad will be received by multiple internet devices. As we expand our radio connections worldwide your ad will be heard around the world 24/7.

People love to listen to the radio especially in offices wherein people are not allowed to watch TV during work hours. People no longer rely on the common radios but uses the internet instead for their radio listening pleasures. Internet radio started in the year 2005, since then there is no stopping this kind of industry since most people are using the internet. Internet advertisements started to boom in the late 1990’s and has seen its growth over the past years. Contact our Sales at, or fill out the form and we will get back to you.

We can also paste a promo graphic ad on our main page for $25.00 for 3 months, average size 240 X 370, we can make an ad for you or use your existing graphics, charge of $5.00 more for graphic link to your site.  We average about 4,000 views a month on this site.


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